Short Film 

  • Narrative short, any genre 
  • Less than 5 Minutes 

Experimental Video 

  • Less than 5 minutes 
  • This is distinguished from Short Film in that Experimental Film/Video breaks most of the rules associated with good storytelling and filmmaking technique and approach. 
  • The “experimental” label is used to indicate video that is meant to be abstract art more than it is meant to be a linear storyline or popular, mass entertainment. 


  • Less than 2 minutes
  • Animated Shorts. Animation entries should be fully rendered short films with a clear storyline, not a random piece of animation or 3D modeling. 

Music Video 

  • Less than 3 minutes 
  • Music Videos can be all original or use copyrighted music. 
  • Copyrighted music used in Music Videos must be credited in the video to be accepted and may NOT be published separately 
  • Original and copyrighted Music Videos will be judged together, with the focus being on production skills and techniques. 

Category X: Movie Trailers 

  • Less than 2 Minutes
  • Less than 2 minutes
  • Trailers must include all original footage
  • Trailers can be fictional in that there does not have to really be an existing film for it
  • Short film entrants can also enter a trailer for their submitted short film




  • Documentary Feature Style Video. Distinguished from a news package in scope, length, style, and content. 
  • Less than 5 Minutes 

Public Service Announcement 

  • 30 Seconds Exactly 
  • Sponsored by Join Together Northern Nevada 
  • Topic: Brain impairmentin teens from the abuse of Alcohol, Marijuana, or Prescription Drugs 
  • Must include the tagline “#DrugSmart” 
  • Cash Prizes: 1st - $450, 2nd - $325, 3rd - $225 

News Package/Report 

  • Broadcast style, Real news stories and features 
  • Less than 3 Minutes 


  • Awards include Trophies, Plaques, Certificates, Gift Certificates, and Cash prizes for the PSA category 
  • A Winner and Runner-up will be awarded for each of the eight individual categories, with separate awards for Audience Favorite, Best Fiction, Best Non- Fiction, and Best in Show 
  • All Finalists (Top 3 in each category), regardless of place, will receive Festival Finalist Certificates. 

Reno FFX Information 


Mail Entries, Forms, and Payments to: 

Communication Arts and Media Academy
Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology 
380 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502 


Reno Film Festival X
The Biggest Little Student Film Festival in the World

Categories for Submission 

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