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Category X: Spy/Detective Short Films

Reno Film Festival X
The Biggest Little Student Film Festival in the World

Categories for Submission 


Short Film Any Genre

  • Narrative short, any genre 
  • Less than 5 Minutes 

Experimental Short Film 

  • Less than 5 minutes 
  • This is distinguished from Short Film in that Experimental Film/Video breaks most of the rules associated with good storytelling and filmmaking technique and approach. 
  • The “experimental” label is used to indicate video that is meant to be abstract art more than it is meant to be a linear storyline or popular, mass entertainment. 

Animation/Animatic Short Film

  • Less than 5 minutes
  • Animated Shorts. Animation entries should be fully rendered short films with a clear storyline, not a random piece of animation or 3D modeling. 

Music Video 

  • Less than 5 minutes 
  • Music Videos can be all original or use copyrighted music. 
  • Copyrighted music used in Music Videos must be credited in the video to be accepted and may NOT be published separately (except uploading to youtube for entry purposes) 
  • Original and copyrighted Music Videos will be judged together, with the focus being on video production skills and techniques. 

Category X: Spy/Detective Short Films

  • Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Create a short film (narrative) based on a Spy/Detective Story
    Entrants can feature a James Bond style action adventure, a Film Noir drama, a Sherlock Holmes style investigative crime film, quirky detectives, or even a modern Crime drama. The choice is yours. Delve into the world of spies and detectives. solve the mystery, solve the crime, and show your filmmaking chops in the process. Remember that Category X is a stand-alone entry. All other categories are open for submissions. 


Documentary Short

  • Documentary Feature Style Video. Distinguished from a news package in scope, length, style, and content. 
  • Less than 10 Minutes 

Public Service Announcement 

  • A PSA focusing on Teen Substance abuse and how people can get help
  • Must be organized around the abuse of fentanyl, opioids, counterfeit pills, or alcohol
  • 30 Seconds EXACTLY
  • Sponsored by Join Together Northern Nevada 
  • Must include a "call to action"
  • Must include the JTNN Logo
  • Avoid "Scare Tactics" - the PSAs should be primarily information-based with an overall positive message
  • Must be school appropriate. Do not show actors taking or using drugs and alcohol, or dramatized drug deals. 
    • ​For example. A pill bottle, alcohol bottle, etc. can be on screen but do not have actors "ingest" the simulated contents. Also, don't show actors "dying" on screen.
  • Cash Prizes: 1st - $500, 2nd - $300, 3rd - $200 
  • ​Link: PSA Guide

News Package/Report 

  • Broadcast style, Real news stories and features 
  • Less than 3 Minutes 


  • Awards include Trophies, Plaques, Certificates, Gift Certificates, and Cash prizes for the PSA category 
  • Finalists will be named and awarded for each of the eight individual categories, with separate awards for Director's Prize, Best Fiction, Best Non- Fiction, and Best in Show 
  • All Finalists (Top 3 in each category), regardless of place, will receive Festival Finalist Certificates. 

Reno FFX Information 

Website: renoffx.com
Email: renonvffx@gmail.com

Mail Entries, Forms, and Payments to: 

Communication Arts and Media Academy
Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology 
380 Edison Way, Reno, NV 89502