Category X: Spy/Detective Short Films

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Submission Guidelines:

Creative video productions that are entered into Film Festival X, The Biggest Little Film Festival In The West, should reveal skill, imagination, creativity and the power of visual storytelling. The FFX places value on the truths revealed through the events, disappointments, joys and conflicts we all experience. Although FFX is open to diverse interpretations of this human experience, we will accept for competition only those productions that avoid being gratuitously or explicitly violent, as well as, obscene or excessively sexual. Likewise, FFX contest entries should avoid youth involved in risky, questionable, or illegal activities without also examining the outcomes, ramifications or consequences of those activities. All material submitted must conform to standard High School Appropriateness at all times. Entries deemed inappropriate by the festival committee and/or judges will not be judged or critiqued and entry fees for said entry are non-refundable.

*Entries must have been produced during the current School Year.

*Maximum of TWO producers per entry, and the entry must have been produced/directed/compiled by the entrants. ie. just being talent in a video does not qualify you as a producer of the project

1. Content

Student-Entrants are responsible for the content of each entry. Do not show or glamorize explicit drug use, tobacco or alcohol consumption in any way. Gratuitous violence is not accepted. Any violence in a production must be an integral part of the story and kept to a minimum. Sexual references, innuendo, and dramatization is not accepted. Don’t use any profanity or vulgarity whatsoever. All entries should not exceed a PG rating and should follow state “safe school” policies.
2. Video Submission

Student filmmakers can submit only one video per category. Registration Fee is $5 per Producer. The $5 fee allows a student to enter as many categories as they want (one per category). Paid registration also gains the entrant plus up to four crew-members from their project entry to the Pre-Screening Workshops. Additionally, the entrant him/herself can also attend the Screening and Awards presentation. Notified Finalists ONLY are allowed to bring up to three guests to the screening and awards. Space is limited so reservations for the workshops, screening, and awards are on a first come (paid entry) first served basis.   Entries may be submitted in one of the following ways. However, a hard copy of the Entry Form and Payment is to be delivered to the address listed below.
380 Edison Way, Reno, NV, 89502
·       Online Entries:Download the Entry form from the Entry Form Page linked at the top. Email the completed form as an attachment (word or pdf) to,  and when using youtube include a link to an Unlisted Youtube channel where your video, conforming to the time limits and other guidelines for each individual contest category, is uploaded. Also Mail in a printed copy of the entry form along with payment. Online submissions that are not followed-up with printed copies of entry forms and payment, or are hosted in a public youtube channel, will be disqualified and not judged. Entry Fee is non-refundable. *Note: There are no Fees for 2021 due to the "Virtual" approach to entries.  

·       Offline Entries must be delivered to AACT Comm Arts Academy, Reno FFX at 380 Edison Way, Reno NV 89502 on a flash drive in one of the following formats: .mov or .mp4 and must conform to the time limits and other guidelines for each individual contest category. Flash drives will be returned at the festival event or mailed to entrants if entry is accompanied with a pre-paid, stamped envelope labeled with the entry’s address. Submitted videos that exceed the time limit will be disqualified. *Note: This does not apply to videos that are only a few seconds over.

·       Broadcast and Presentation Quality Video Required

o   Poor quality video/audio may result in automatic disqualification as determined by committee   3. Obey Copyright Laws
  *Strict adherence to copyright law is required – copyright violations will automatically disqualify an entry. Use royalty-free music, be able to show direct permission, which means a notarized release, and be sure to credit commercially-owned media as per their individual licenses. Additionally, plagiarism is not accepted. Each video should be an original work. Do not “remake” a commercial video exactly as it appears. Do not submit a re-edited version of a commercial video that you didn’t shoot. Again, in credits, be sure to CREDIT all sources (original and unoriginal).

​*Note: copyright does not apply to unpublished, non-monetized music videos (see music video under "Category Breakdowns")
*Note: Exceptions include the Music Video category (submissions may include copyrighted music, however, such entries MAY NOT be published to the internet and must use offline submission as described above) and Short Films that are literary adaptations.
·       Royalty Free Music Websites
o   4. Teacher/Adviser Participation

Teachers/Advisers must not participate in any way on students’ entries other than in a strictly advisory capacity. Each entry should be considered a “final” and not a “teaching/learning” activity.  

5. Fair Use  

​In entering my works into Reno Film Festival X – The Biggest Little Student Film Festival in the West, producers agree to adhere by the Festival requirements delineated in this document and represents that they own all proprietary rights to the program submitted and that the entrant has secured the rights, licenses, clearances and releases necessary for exhibition of the work, so that the Festival or its representatives will not be obligated to make any payment to any third party, and that the exhibition will not infringe or violate the rights of any firm, person, or corporation.

Entrants shall indemnify, defend and hold the Festival and its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, cost, liabilities and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any breech of these representations, or arising out of any matter contained in the entry or otherwise by the Festival’s use of the entry. Entrants hereby grants to the Festival all rights to exhibit the work, including but not limited to, use in conjunction with promotion of the Festival.

In submitting a work, the entrant acknowledges all Festival rules and further acknowledges the authority and final word of the Panel of Judges and Festival Staff.
• FFX reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted.

• For purposes of submission, all copies must be submitted as outlined above. Submissions without accompanying Entry Form will not be considered for screening or award.

• FFX reserves the right to promotional use of all submitted materials and will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed mailing package and postage.

• By signing this document, you acknowledge FFX’s right to copy any submitted material, and to utilize your performance and image for FFX’s non-commercial use.

• $5 Registration Fee (one entry per category), payable in cash or money order covers one entry for any number of categories. Mail to address above. *Note: Does not apply in 2021 - However, Donations are Encouraged!

• Paid Entrants, family, friends, crew are invited to the public Screening and Awards Presentation.

• Entries are to be made by no more than two people listed as Director or Producer. Potential prizes and trophies can not always account for co-entrants and entrants are responsible for determining the award allocation.