2020 Finalists 

JTNN Public Service Announcements

1st: Carmela Rivas

2nd: ​Kaden Lake 

3rd:​ Kylee Warden 
Experimental Short

1st: Trey Anderson - Covid19

2nd: Isabella Wolf - Pareidolia

3rd: Liv Rogers - Pepsi

Finalist: Juliet Ojeda - Love in October
News Packages

1st: Janell​e Olisea - Family Shelter

2nd: Ian Thunder, Sean Sevilla - New Counselor

3rd: Emma Speicher, Isabella Wolf - Holland Project

Finalist: Jeff Shoemaker, Luke Merlino - Parent Night

Finalist: Isabella Wolf, Izaac Zorn - New Teacher

Finalist: Alexa Calderon, Kaden Lake - Reno FFX

Finalist: Kaitlyn Hagen, Emilio Milo - Capstones

Finalist: Alysha Brandon, Larissa Koitmaa - Senior Sunrise​​​

Documentary Short

1st: Izaac Zorn - The Rise of Advertising

2nd: Hannah Mills - Teen Open Studio

3rd: Jack Little - Triathlete 
Finalist: Jonathan Lee - Cougars Football

Finalist: Eric O'Shea​ - SPCA

Animated Short

1st: Dillon Trinh - Car Chase

2nd: Kayla Duane - TNT

Narrative Short

1st: Joie Patetta - October

2nd: Jeff Shoemaker - SSHS 2020

3rd: Jack Little - Xero

Finalist: Ian Thunder​ - Dumplings​​​​

Finalist: Adelle Pillers - Pandemic Diary

Music Videos

1st: Isabella Wolf - Don't Throw Out My Legos

2nd: Ellie Mundt - 6 Feet Apart

3rd: Trey Anderson - Rocky Horror

Finalist: Kylee Warden, Larissa Koitmaa - Material Girl

Finalist: Janelle Olisea - I Won't Say
Category X: Movie Trailers

1st: Jack Little - Xerophobia

2nd: Janelle Olisea - Unexpectedly Yours

3rd: Larissa Koitmaa, Kylee Warden - The Lottery

Best Fiction

"October" by Joie Patetta


Best Non-Fiction

"Family Shelter" by Janelle Olisea

*Director's Choice

"Covid 19" by Trey Anderson

Best in Show

"Don't Throw Out My Legos" by Isabella Wolf

Break My Heart - Music Video by Janelle Olisea and Ian Thunder

1st - John Bohach by Saurabh Chawla & Aidan Swan

2nd - Nervy Novices by Kathleen Leslie

​3rd - Video Game Music by Kira Nierman

Finalist - Prison Labor by Izaac Zorn

​Finalist - Nevada Day by Kiley Tietjen

1st - Pigeon by Kaitlyn Schneider

2nd - Animated Short by Kathryn Chamberlain

1st - Art Class by Piper Luckey

2nd - Is Halloween Canceled? by Emma Speicher

3rd - Parent's View of The Pandemic by Collette Ponce

Finalist - Andelin Farm by Isabella Wolf

Finalist - AACT Bakery by Janelle Olisea

​Finalist - Distance Learning by Aidan Allen

​Finalist - Digital Learning by Sadie Weed

*Note: Director's Favorite was in lieu of the Audience Favorite Award normally determined at the live screening and awards presentations


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Join Together Northern Nevada

1st - Do Not Go Gently by Emma Speicher

​2nd - MissUnderstood by Isabella Wolf

​3rd - Untitled by Kathleen Leslie

​Finalist - Ghostie by Lily Ames

1st - Nervy Novices by Piper Luckey
2nd - Puregate by Eva Elliot
3rd - La La Land by Janelle Olisea

3rd - High School by Kate Allen

​3rd - Mistborn by Ellie Mundt

3rd - Nelumbo by Katie Schneider

Finalist - TWD by Dania Vargas

​Finalist - Atlas by Collette Ponce

Finalist - Good Luck Jack Jack by Renee Messer

1st - Pigeon by Kaitlyn Schneider
2nd - Animated Short by Kathryn Chamberlain

1st - Sheherazde by Avery Thunder & Piper Luckey
2nd - Coffee For Two by Janelle Olisea
3rd - Riots by Cole Dyson

Finalist - None by Taylor Salim

Nervy Novices - Title Sequence by Piper Luckey

Perpetual Agony - Music Video by Joie Patetta

John Bohach - Documentary by Saurabh Chawla & Aidan Swan

1st - $450 - Collette Ponce
2nd - $325 - Carmela Rivas
3rd - $225 - Avery Thunder & Piper Luckey


1st - Janelle Olisea & Ian Thunder
2nd - Isabella Wolf
3rd - Joie Patetta
Finalist - Dania Vargas
Finalist - Ellie Mundt
​Finalist - Hannah Biggs


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UPDATE 5/9/22


Finalists will be notified via email BY END OF THE WEEKEND


Saturday, May 28, Noon-3pm @ AACT High School, Reno, lunch provided

*Finalists are not required to attend and awards, if necessary, will be shipped

Family Welcome